Managing Your Weight

Managing your weight is  one of the most important things you can do to stay healthy.  It's not about what you deny yourself it's about the food and exercise choices you make. It's about making more room in your life for balance and the things that make you happy, healthy and productive. It's about lifestyle and getting the most out of it by starting with small, steady steps and creating a way of life that you can live with each and every day well, at least most days because nobody's perfect! 

                do you know your BMI?


A Healthier You

Fitness Partner's weight management articles will show you some effective techniques and tips to help you keep your weight under control without taking all the fun out of life!!

Tip: Keep Fruit & Veggies in Sight
Store your fruits and vegetables on the top shelf of your refrigerator in easy to grab, pre-portioned containers. Or, keep them on the counter or on the table in a colorful display. If you see them, chances are greater that you will eat them more often. 


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