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Gym Activities
Aerobics: low impact   Aerobics: high impact  
Aerobics, Step: 6" - 8" step   Aerobics, Step: 10" - 12" step  
Aerobics: water   Bicycling, Stationary: moderate, 150 watts  
Bicycling, Stationary: vigorous, 200 watts   Calisthenics: Vigorous, jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups, pullups  
Calisthenics: Moderate, back exercises, going up and down from the floor   Circuit Training: w/some aerobic, minimal rest  
Elliptical Trainer: general   Riders: general (ie., HealthRider)  
Rowing, Stationary: moderate, 100 watts   Rowing, Stationary: vigorous, 150 watts  
Ski Machine: general   Stair Step Machine: General, without supporting any bodyweight on hand rails   
Stretching: Mild, Hatha Yoga   Teaching aerobics  
Weight Lifting: Light, free weight, nautilus or universal-type   Weight Lifting: Vigorous, free weight, nautilus or universal-type  
Training and Sport Activities
Archery: non-hunting   Badminton: general, social  
Basketball: playing a game   Basketball: wheelchair  
Basketball: shooting baskets   Basketball: officiating a game  
Billiards   Bicycling: BMX or mountain  
Bicycling: 12-13.9 mph, leisure, moderate effort   Bicycling: 14-15.9 mph, leisure racing, fast, vigorous  
Bicycling: 16-19 mph, very fast, not drafting   Bicycling: > 20 mph, racing, not drafting  
Bowling   Boxing: sparring  
Boxing: punching bag   Boxing: in the ring  
Coaching: football, soccer, basketball, etc.   Cricket: batting, bowling  
Curling   Dancing: Fast, ballet, twist  
Dancing: disco, ballroom, square, line, Irish step, polka   Dancing: slow, waltz, foxtrot, tango, fox trot  
Fencing   Football: competitive  
Football: touch, flag, general   Football or Baseball: playing catch  
Frisbee: general   Frisbee: Ultimate  
Golf: carrying clubs   Golf: using cart  
Golf: driving range, miniature   Golf: walking and pulling clubs  
Gymnastics: general   Hacky sack  
Handball: general   Handball: team  
Hang Gliding   Hiking: cross-country  
Hockey: field & ice   Horseback Riding: general  
Ice Skating: general   Kayaking  
Martial Arts: judo, karate, kick boxing, tae kwan do   Motor-Cross  
Orienteering   Polo  
Race Walking   Racquetball: competitive  
Racquetball: casual, general   Rock Climbing: ascending  
Rock Climbing: rappelling   Rollerblade / In-Line Skating  
Rope Jumping: general, moderate   Running: 5 mph (12 min/mile)  
Running: 5.2 mph (11.5 min/mile)   Running: 6 mph (10 min/mile)  
Running: 6.7 mph (9 min/mile)   Running: 7 mph (8.5 min/mile)  
Running: 8.6 mph (7 min/mile)   Running: 10 mph (6 min/mile)  
Running: training, pushing wheelchair, marathon wheeling   Running: cross-country  
Running: stairs, up   Running: on track, team practice  
Scuba or skin diving   Skateboarding  
Skiing: cross-country, light effort, general, 2.5 mph   Skiing: cross-country, vigorous, 5.0 - 7.9 mph  
Skiing: downhill, moderate effort   Skiing: downhill, vigorous effort, racing  
Sky diving   Sledding, luge, toboggan, bobsled  
Snorkeling   Snow Shoeing  
Soccer: general   Soccer: competitive play  
Softball or Baseball: slow or fast pitch, general   Softball: Officiating  
Softball: pitching   Squash  
Surfing: body or board   Swimming: general, leisurely, no laps  
Swimming: laps, vigorous   Swimming: backstroke  
Swimming: breaststroke   Swimming: butterfly  
Swimming: crawl, moderate, 50 yds/min   Swimming: treading, moderate effort  
Swimming: lake, ocean, river   Swimming: synchronized  
Table Tennis / Ping Pong   Tai Chi  
Tennis: singles, competitive   Tennis: doubles, competitive  
Tennis: general play   Track & Field: shot, discus, hammer throw  
Track & Field: high jump, long jump, triple jump, javelin, pole vault   Track & Field: steeplechase, hurdles  
Volleyball: non-competitive, general play, 6 - 9 member team   Volleyball: competitive, gymnasium play  
Volleyball: beach   Walk: 2 mph (30 min/mi)  
Walk: 3 mph (20 min/mi)   Walk: 3.5 mph (17 min/mi)  
Walk: 4 mph (15 min/mi)   Walk: 4.5 mph (13 min/mi)  
Walk: 5 mph (12 min/mi)   Water Skiing  
Water Polo   Water Volleyball  
Whitewater: rafting, kayaking   Wrestling: one match = 5 minutes  
Outdoor Home Maintenance / Improvement Activities
Carpentry, installing rain gutters, building fence   Carrying & stacking wood  
Chopping & splitting wood   Cleaning rain gutters  
Digging, spading dirt, composting   Gardening: general  
Gardening: weeding   Laying sod / crushed rock  
Mowing Lawn: push, hand   Mowing Lawn: push, power  
Operate Snow Blower: walking   Paint outside of home  
Planting seedlings, shrubs   Plant trees  
Raking Lawn   Roofing  
Sacking grass or leaves   Shoveling Snow: by hand  
Storm Windows: hanging   Sweeping: garage, sidewalks, outside of house  
Trimming shrubs/trees: manual cutter   Trimming: using edger, power cutter, etc.  
Watering plants, by hand   Workshop: general carpentry  
Yard: applying seed or fertilizer, walking   Yard: watering by hand, standing/walking  
Indoor Home Repair / Improvement Activities
Carpentry: finish or refinish furniture or cabinets   Caulking: bathroom, windows  
Crafts: Standing, light effort   Hang sheet rock, paper or plaster walls  
Lay or remove carpet/tile   Paint, paper, remodel: inside  
Sanding floors with a power sander   Wiring and Plumbing  
Home & Daily Life Activities
Child-care: bathing, feeding, etc.   Child games: moderate, hop-scotch, jacks, etc.  
Cleaning House: general   Cleaning: light dusting, straightening up, taking out trash, etc.  
Cooking / Food Preparation   Food Shopping: with or without cart  
Heavy Cleaning: wash car, windows   Ironing  
Making Bed   Moving: household furniture  
Moving: carrying boxes   Moving: unpacking  
Playing w/kids: moderate effort   Playing w/kids: vigorous effort  
Reading: sitting   Standing in line  
Standing: bathing dog   Sleeping  
Vacuuming   Watching TV  
Office Activities
Driving vehicle to work   Sitting: light office work, meeting  
Standing: filing, light work   Riding in a bus or vehicle to work  
Typing: Computer, electric or manual   Walking: work break  
Occupational Activities
Bartending/Server   Bakery: general, moderate effort  
Building Road: hauling debris, driving heavy machinery   Carpentry Work  
Coaching Sports   Coal Mining  
Computer Work   Construction: outside, remodeling  
Custodial Word: general cleaning, moderate effort   Electrical Work  
Firefighting   Forestry, general  
Forestry: planting trees by hand   Heavy Equip. Operator  
Horse Grooming   Light Office Work  
Locksmith   Masonry  
Masseur, standing   Moving / Pushing heavy objects >75 lbs.   
Patient Care: Nursing   Plumbing  
Police Officer: making an arrest   Printing: operator, standing  
Sitting in Class   Shoe Repair: general  
Steel Mill: general   Theater Work  
Truck Driving: loading and unloading truck   Welding  

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