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LOG Pro Software
Log procurement and inventory management software designed specifically for the forest products industry. Full-featured and flexible to accommodate the unique requirements of today's forest industry companies.
Data Collection in the Yard and in the Field
Rugged hand-held units put the ease of ticket entry into the hands of your Buyers and Scalers. Quick and easy synchronization of data between LOG Pro and hand-held units.

Easy set-up and configuration of your company's product using multiple inventory unit of measures such as MBF, BF, Tons, Pounds, Cords, etc. Different company locations can define their own product mix.  Comprehensive inventory balance tracking by company and location. Contract costs and market values are provided for all inventories.
Real-time inventory tracking of log yard inventory for each location and standing timber inventories for each timber tract. Log yard inventory can be tagged and/or untagged. Optional in-transit inventory for transfer transactions to other company locations. Multiple inventory views and reports are provided throughout the system.
Identify and manage the origin of your raw materials.
Extended timber tract features allow you to enter cruised or estimated values & volumes for each timber tract and record purchase and tax information.  Manage your timber tract activity by tracking various tract costs such as legal fees, road building, brush control, or any cost that you define.
Enter tickets into LOG Pro manually, input via weigh scales or synchronize from hand-held units in the yard or the field. Tickets can be inventoried in one unit of measure and the contract can be paid on another unit of measure. Multiple scale rules are provided and extended scale volumes, with or without, length and diameter may be used.
Full-featured and flexible to accommodate the unique requirements inherent in log and timber transactions. Easily manage contract arrangements with customers, vendors and internal company departments. One or more contracts can be set up for a single Contractor with different rates applied to each contract.  Multiple deductions or premiums can be applied if required.
Quick and easy settlements processed on-demand or as scheduled. Split payments can be defined for any contract, allowing you the flexibility to pay multiple contractors for a single contract. Sales invoices may be printed for customer transactions. Custom interfaces to your current accounting system or lumber system are available.
Primus understands the precision it takes to coordinate and implement a new software system.  You will work closely with a Project Manager who will gather information about your company and processing requirements. This ensures that the configuration of LOG Pro is optimal for your business needs.
Based on the information you've given us, Primus will create a database tailored to your specific needs.  Your Project Manager will configure many of the system tables, directories, and files for you so that the time you spend setting up the system is minimized. 
Training is provided online, in multiple 2-3 hour sessions.  This training method allows your staff to perform their other job responsibilities as well as learn your new LOG Pro system.  We are happy to work training around the schedule of each user and their availability. 
Look over the LOG Pro brochure and get a closer look of the system's many features.  
Contact us at 423.870.4722 if you would like to discuss LOG Pro in greater detail or schedule an online demonstration.    
Online Demonstration

Schedule an online demo of LOG Pro. We'll send you a questionnaire about your company and any unique requirements that you may have.  This allows us to create a demo system that will show you how LOG Pro can handle your specific processing requirements.

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Software Support Services

Responsive software support is the cornerstone of our fine reputation. When you invest in LOG Pro, you not only get a quality software system, but you get a support staff ready to help when you need it. Your support agreement provides unlimited telephone calls to answer your questions, online assistance to walk you through operational procedures and LOG Pro software updates that Primus installs for you.

LOG Pro Software Brochure About Us
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